Swirling colors envelope me in a beautiful miasma of light and sound. Breathless, I wait for the next moment when I feel the release of surrender, lifted high by pure grace.

Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas - only 25

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Vital. Electric.

Soaked in the bliss of your own ease and freedom.

You want ecstasy. You want it now.

You are so over the games of victimhood.

So over being marginalized by your own mind.

So finished with shrinking back for fear of upsetting the status quo.


This revolution is an inner one.

This revolution occurs inside of your own soul.


It is your Divine Feminine Awakening.


All over the planet, women are rising up.


They are reclaiming their bodies, their sex, their money, their hearts, and their purpose.


They are taking back the ownership of their own selves

from ideologies, institutions, societal pressures, and the punitive voice in the back of their heads.


They are following the call of their wild hearts deep into their own liberation.

They are leaving their broken relationships.

They are venturing out to start their own businesses.

They are writing the books that have scratched at their souls for years.

They are overcoming illnesses that have plagued them.

They are healing sexual shame and forming deeper bonds with their partners.

They are demanding higher pay.

They are owning their worth.


They are awakening.


Together, they are proclaiming, "We desire more for our lives!".

They are claiming their sovereign right to be who they truly are no matter the risk.

They are re-educating the men in their lives in the ways they need to be loved and supported.

They are asking for what they want, perhaps for the first time in their life.

They are awakening to their creative capacity to design their lives with intention,

and to do so with grace, support, nurturance, and ease.

They are claiming their own divine empowerment as women.


Do you feel it too? Do you see it too?


Because you’re here, I know you want to feel

Filled. Satisfied. Nourished.


You’ve dropped your roots in over-tilled soil too many times.


Something has to change, otherwise, you know that you’re done for.


You want to grow, and sometimes, growth is frightening. Though, you know it’s what you must do.


You know it’s the only way forward. You know that the monsters in your life and in your mind must be addressed. You know that you can’t hold back anymore. Your freedom is in the grasp of the tiger’s claw. It’s up to you to wield your tools to get it back.


My mission as an artist and guide is to call you back home to the wilderness of your intuitive, passionate, instinctive, creative self where the answers to all your deepest questions lie.


For 8 years, I have been on the journey of reclaiming ALL of myself from the grips of generational and societal shame, abuse, and victimhood in many different areas of life - health, sex, relationships, money, and spirituality.


Healing my traumas and connecting to my powerful, creative, & divinely feminine self

has lifted me to heights I previously only dreamed could exist.


  • I have an incredible relationship with my adoring and supportive husband.

  • I have incredibly supportive friendships that mean the world to me.

  • I am a prolific artist.

  • I’m healthier than I’ve been since I was a kid.

  • I feel sexually expressed, fulfilled, and satisfied.

  • I genuinely love (and like) myself.

  • I feel guided by God each day, and it inspires me to create.


I welcome you to the fold. Please explore and take your time. This is a delicate process with many meandering roads and many side-streets. The journey with God may seem like it lasts an eternity.


Sit back, open your mind, and bask in the knowing

that you have other sisters on the path.

Also, know that no matter what, you are a daughter of God in all of this.

You can't get your own journey wrong.

I welcome you home to the truth of your own radiance.

I welcome you home to your true identity.