I discovered the Medical Medium "Secrets of Chronic and Mystery Illness" book in 2016, and it answered my burning curiosity about the bizarre and painful symptoms I had. Symptoms like weight gain, excessive fatigue, UTIs, cystic acne, painful urination, fainting spells, nerve problems, muscle & joint pain, and so much more.

Intuitive detoxing with the Medical Medium’s protocols saved my life.

Maybe you or someone you know has had these issues:

Have you been struggling with your energy levels?

Having a hard time getting out of bed?

Struggling with extra weight that won’t budge no matter what you do?

Strange symptoms like ringing in your ear, fatigue, or hypersensitivity to foods or chemicals?

Feels like the doctor just isn’t getting it right with your medications,

and no matter how much you’ve been trying to do the right stuff,

you’re just feeling like you’re spending all your money and not getting any better?

Have you been diagnosed with
Sluggish Thyroid? Depression? Anxiety? PTSD?
Hashimotos? Fibromyalgia? Lyme?

Are you having a hard time explaining what's happening to you to your family members?

To your friends? Do you feel totally alone in all that you’re experiencing?

The frightening symptoms like heart palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, vertigo….

Not to mention the chronic pain, digestive issues, acne, hormonal imbalances,

fainting, ruminating thoughts, hair falling out, and countless other symptoms…

Especially the emotional ones, like trauma flashbacks, or crying for no reason,
hyper sensitivity and hyperemotionality. Or rages that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Maybe you feel an overwhelming sense of grief over your body and it’s lack of functionality.

Perhaps, you are feeling kind of lost,
and maybe you have the answers to your conditions,
but you feel overwhelmed and in need of help and direction.

I was there too. I was very lost and in a lot of inexplicable pain.

Ever since this journey began 2 years ago, a lot of the healing has happened
where you can't see it - on the inside, deep within the fibers of my body.

The cellular memory of trauma and illness that ravaged me for years, is healing.

Many people will see my changes as a merely physical one
"Oh you lost weight, you look great!"
but it goes so much deeper than that.


I reclaimed my right to exist, to be cute, to be sensual, to be creative.

It's true... I reclaimed my body, yes... 

I reclaimed my mind, my skin, my biomechanics, my liver, my heart, my nerves, my senses.

I reclaimed the wild instinctive woman who had been taught to second guess herself
and her own intuition that grounds her in God's loving guidance.

I said yes to the natural path, and I held onto it for dear life.

I tuned out others who doubted me, and clung to those that encouraged me.

I tried so many approaches over the course of 10 years of illness, 
and found a healing path and protocol that is working to help me reclaim my life in full. 

I share all of this in hopes of inspiring you,
letting you know that there is hope for you.

Your mind wants peace. Your body wants to heal. Your soul wants to be well.

With some critical pieces of the puzzle, you too can experience a shift in your mind

that will allow you to break free from the shackles of chronic illness and pain. 


I also am taking clients who are interested
in embarking on a transformational healing journey
like they've never experienced before.

We will implement changes to set you up for a lifetime of health:

  1. Work together to address emotional wounds and traumas
    that may be hindering you from achieving the health you seek.

    2. Improve how you see yourself, food, your body, and
    your ability to express boundaries and needs with others.

    3. Becoming emotionally in tune with yourself, you will learn how
    to relate with your emotions in a more productive way. 

4. You will also get plant based food and supplement
guidance and wisdom tailored for your health situation.

I work primarily with sensitive women who struggle with weight issues,
thyroid disease, lyme disease, chronic fatigue, and sexual/abuse trauma history.

Intuitive Detox Support

$100 per session