Multicolored light



It breaks me

then remakes me

I see the silent

subtle joy of reality.

A world beyond

suffering and harsh luclidity.

To a place of inclusive grace.

Feel love,warmth.

Flow it freely.

Let that aching in your heart

be soothed by knowingness.

The multicolored miasma of light

is all you’ll ever need.

I feared becoming who I am

Feminist. Bold woman. Powerful. Inner child screaming with eyes wide and ablaze 

The fiery aspects of my personality have never been the easiest parts of myself to embrace. Always, they have been these cast offs- parts of myself that I so dearly wanted to disconnect and run away from. 

I see the truth of how this fear of myself caused me to disavow much of my identity, the truest parts of myself that have been developing through every trial and trauma.  

The fighter, the warrior, the wilderness or exploration within. The wanderer, the one who fully submits to experience. The seeker, the wide eyed adventurer that will always say yes to a challenge. The one that knows the only way out is through. The one who stares shame in the face and hisses back a mean snarl. She is my hero. She has got me through everything life has handed me. 

it would make sense that I would be trained to disavow her, that I would be taught to stuff my feelings and try to be a sweet little girl that keeps herself in check so she is always palatable to the public. 

But inside, she roars on. She is dancing and pulsing through my veins, and in off moments, she will RIP right through me and erupt into song - fueled by the power from deep within becoming my who experience.  

She is loud, bold, excitable, noisy, all over the place, exuberant, delighted, and capable of deep intimacy that may frighten some.  

All in all, she is mine. And I am hers. 

Waves of growth

I feel like I've been growing in ways that I haven't fully understood these past 2 years. 

There is a deeper sense of alignment that had yet to take place, but somehow the universal chiropractic soul adjustments my life and creative work needed to feel congruent within.

for someone who makes my income from communicating with words and pictures, I sure do have challenges with communication. Overcoming the parts of myself that stymie my own development due to fear has been a daunting process. But on a deep soul level, I feel like I am called to bring creativity to the world for the purpose of igniting childlike joy and fascination inside of others. The deepest emotional experiences we have are the source of our greatest strength. Art is a language of emotion that allows us to Express abstract emotion, energy, and concepts that otherwise we would contain. 

Anyway that you can Express yourself, I say do it. Expression allows you to be the person piloting your own ship, and being totally responsible for your own reality - because to Express you must focus your energy to an end - and it puts you in creative control. Life gives you chances and opportunities to change your mind, and it lets you expand your own pace.

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